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“My grandmother, 94 years of age, was placed in a nursing home for rehab after falling and breaking 3 ribs…  Grandma was not doing well in the nursing/rehab center and was greatly declining when I heard about Ashby Place in Benton.  I arranged to visit, and was pleasantly surprised at the home-like atmosphere, layout of the facility, and the friendliness/helpfulness of the staff.  It is beautifully decorated and the layout is designed specifically with senior care in mind, while maintaining its beauty and warmth.  However, the real wonder of Ashby Place is the caregiver to resident ratio and the proximity of the caregiver to the residents at all times…  To discover that Ashby Place caregivers would provide the usual care and services, with much more personalized and frequent care, was a true blessing to my Grandma, me, and my family.  I can rest easily when going home after a visit (or out of town on a trip) and be certain that Grandma will have anything she needs or wants.  Furthermore, she LOVES it there.  She often tells me how loving the staff are and what good care they give her.  Her dementia has even improved, and she seems to be sleeping more soundly than ever before.  Her mobility has greatly improved as well.  Clearly she has gone from a place where she was in certain decline to a place where she now thrives.

I would recommend Ashby Place to anyone I know who has an elderly member of their family who can no longer remain home and needs daily assistance and care.  I am content that I have found the perfect place for my wonderful Grandma, who gave such good care to our family when younger, and receives the same from Ashby Place staff.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Ashby Place family!!!!!!”

Cindy Bowman, Murray, KY